Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Ensure that your wine is properly maintained by installing the appropriate wine refrigeration system for your project.

Through The Wall, Self Contained Wine Refrigeration

Easiest to install, least expensive (no HVAC contractor needed), simply install through an opening in the wall, which ideally, is adjacent to a mechanical room where the unit vents into.  Plug into a 115 volt, dedicated 20 amp circuit and you’re ready to go.

Rule of thumb, the area that it vents into has to be at least twice the size of the wine cellar or too much heat builds up, causing early failure of the unit. As with any refrigeration system, preparation of the space with proper vapor barrier and insulation is critical to the longevity of the system.

Ductless Split Wine Refrigeration System

Called a split system because there are two components, the evaporator, which hangs on the wall in the wine cellar and the condenser (line set connects the two), usually located outside.  

The condenser can go in a mechanical room, crawl space or garage, but if the condenser is going to be located in an indoor location, that space has to be at least twice the size of the wine cellar, or the heat that the compressor is throwing off cannot dissipate and will cause premature failure of the unit. Installation requires a qualified, licensed HVAC technician.

Ductless Split Ceiling Mount Wine Refrigeration System

Similar to the Ductless Split, however the evaporator mounts flush to the ceiling, making it much less obtrusive (can be painted the same color as the ceiling) and doesn’t take away space on the wall for racking, making it ideal for smaller spaces.  Installation requires a qualified, licensed HVAC technician.

Ducted Air Handler Elite Wine Refrigeration System

The elite system, mechanically and aesthetically.  Think central air conditioning for the wine cellar.  Mechanically, it is the only system that allows precise control over humidity, the others maintaining humidity within an acceptable range, most of the year. However, in prolonged periods of dry, cold weather, the other systems may begin to “mock” ambient conditions, resulting in lower humidity levels.

If this happens, you cannot simply “dial up” humidity, if it persists, you would have to place a humidifier in the room.  Aesthetically, all you see in the wine cellar are the supply and return grills, similar to a home air conditioning system, which can be decorative if desired.  Installation requires a qualified, licensed technician.  .

Wine Refrigeration Systems - Questions & Answers

Which Refrigeration Systems Do You Offer?

We offer through-the-wall, self contained wine refrigeration, Ductless Split refrigeration systems, Ducted Split refrigeration systems, and Ductless Ceiling Mount refrigeration systems.

Do You Install Wine Refrigeration Systems?

CELLARIUM will recommend what system is best. It will then be quoted separately and needs to be installed by a qualified and licensed HVAC. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer and the installer (HVAC company).

Is One System Better Than Another?

Each wine refrigeration system recommendation is based upon budget, adjacent areas such as mechanical rooms, distance to mechanical rooms, as well as the level of sophistication needed.

Do You Service Wine Refrigeration Systems?

We do not. If and when a problem arises, the HVAC company who installed the system needs to be contacted. They will work with the manufacturer to determine the warranty and the manufacturer will supply any needed parts.